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The hardest part about a Corporate Wellness Program is saying yes. Not every organization is ready to dive right in. Sometimes it makes sense to start off with a small campaign focusing on awareness. Or, you may be ready for a more robust campaign with exercise events, onsite benefit fairs, etc.

The easy part is partnering with TBR Associates. We will:

Identify the key areas you want to focus on by conducting a cultural assessment. Every organization is different and has different needs. We will design a program that is right for your employee population. There is no cookie cutter solution. TBR Associates tailors each program to suit your cultural organization.

We work with you step by step to ensure that you stay on track with each piece of the program. We will implement the program, send reminders and check in with you throughout the length of each program to ensure that the program stays on track and meets the goals you set out to achieve.

We are dedicated to the overall health of your organization.

  • Tools and Support
  • Program Customization (newsletters, posters, on-site support)
  • Program Integration
  • Service Delivery
  • Pricing
  • Compliance Guarantees
  • Company experience, reputation and structure
  • Accreditation and quality assurance
  • Health Plan Compatibility

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